Fiona Thomas, the owner operator of Vancouver Pet Care has been working with animals for over 10 years. Having grown up in Australia with pets her whole life and having a passion for animal welfare she completed a Post Graduate Degree in Zoology and worked for multiple Animal Shelters, Wildlife Parks and Zoos, specialising in Australian natives and African wildlife. As well as having a Zoology qualification, Fiona also holds a certificate in Pet First Aid ensuring your pets are in capable hands should a medical emergency arise while in her care.

Fiona's experience with animals includes:

  • Hand rearing & bottle feeding newborn kittens
  • Fostering rescue dogs & cats
  • Pet sitting dogs, cats, birds and fish
  • Walking small to large dogs (including Dingoes for a Wildlife park)
  • Feeding & caring for Black Cockatoos, Black Swans, Galahs & Peacocks
  • Feeding & cleaning enclosure for Lions, Tigers, Hyenas, Giraffes, Zebras, Meerkats, Fennec Fox, Painted Dogs, Baboons, White Rhinos (Perth Zoo - African Savannah)

Being a pet owner herself, Fiona brought her 2 rescue cats over from Australia to Vancouver and understands the importance of proper love and care for our pets.

At Vancouver Pet Care we strive to look after the needs of your beloved pets and treat them like they were our very own!

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MY 2 RESCUE BOYS: Smiggy & Shadow <3